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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) adds the effects of alcohol or intoxicants and impairs your ability behind the wheel. You could be charged with a DUI while operating your car, truck, watercraft, motorcycle, ATV and more. In Michigan, the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08.

If you are charged with a DUI or Drunk Driving, immediately seek legal representation from a skilled attorney. Let our DUI attorneys investigate the legality of the traffic stop and the validity of the field sobriety test. All details and evidence against you must be examined when defending you against DUI charges.

DUI & Drunk Driving Violations

Michigan law defines standard drunk driving as operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of more than 0.08. Drunk driving charges and related impaired driving offenses can have a serious impact on your life. That’s why it’s important to understand the law, your rights and your legal options when facing drunk driving charges. Securing the right DUI attorney to represent you may be the difference in getting dui charges dismissed or reduced.

The State of Michigan has had hard-hitting penalties for DUI offenders and beginning October 31, 2010, drivers with a (BAC) level above 0.17 are now subject to Michigan’s ‘super drunk driving law’. Drivers convicted under this new definition will be subject to enhanced punitive and license sanctions and will also be required to undergo one year of alcohol rehabilitation, which may be an alcohol treatment program or a self-help program.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, contact our one of our DUI Attorneys to find out what your rights are. Our experienced Drunk Driving Attorneys will help you through this process. The criminal defense attorneys at Peterson Paletta have effectively and skillfully represented hundreds of people who were charged with DUI, DWI, OUIL and OWI on Michigan roads in the greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas.

Our experienced drunk driving defense and criminal attorneys can help. Our services include, DUI & DWI defense, investigation of every part of the traffic stop and arrest, filing of all appropriate motions to reduce or drop charges, court representation and defense of all related traffic violations.

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